Jaron Saturnino 

I’m a wandering designer from Alaska who thinks in Photoshop.

Twitter: @jaroniscaring
Instagram:  @jaroniscaring
Twitch: @jaroniscaring
Discord: @jaron#4824
Email: jaron@thefuture.design

“The most wryly hilarious graphic designer I’ve seen this year is Jaron Saturnino,
the tongue-in-cheek editor and enigma behind Hikaru Nakamura.”
- Daniel King, Mother Jones

9+ billion total impressions and 700+ million views

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Top Players

Directed and Edited
Detroit vs Hikaru Series
Directed and Edited
Toronto vs Hikaru Series
Designed and Edited
The Match Promo
Designed and Edited
Bongcloud Speedrun Series
Designed and Edited
Pogchamps 2 Promo

"Jesus, that was fast. You made me spit out my drink."
- Hikaru Nakamura, 2022 World Speed Chess Champion