Jaron Saturnino

is a wandering designer currently working for chess.com.

Twitter: @jaroniscaring
Instagram:  @jaroniscaring
Twitch: @jaroniscaring
Discord: @jaron#4824
Email: jaron@thefuture.design

"We imagined that we could have a carefree life- simply choosing colors, making shapes, putting one image beside another- the life of a designer, free from the anxieties of content. We imagined somehow that we could work within the schedule of the author, following the meandering pathways of our interests and observations. We even thought that we could embrace the complexities of the architect.
We imagined that if we worked this way, we would simply be granted the status of the artist. We hoped through our ingenious configuration to earn the paycheck of the businessman.
Instead, the hand that we have dealt ourselves is anything but carefree. On the contrary, we are faced with the complexities of the businessman, the schedule of the designer, the anxieties of the author, and the status of a (bookbinder).
Finally, we are left with the paycheck of the artist."
- Bruce Mau